Filtration Soil Cleaner



Product Specifications
Somewhat milky viscous fluid.
Not required.
Up to 100 linear ft. per pint.
12/1 pints case.
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Filtration Soil Cleaner
For cleaning carpet soiled by the filtration lines along the edges of carpet.Safe on virtually all carpets fibers.
Use on wool, cotton, nylon and other synthetics.

Filtration Soil Cleaner Formulation.
Fabpro’s Filtration Soil Cleaner is a special formulation of microemulsifiers and microcrystals that are able to neutralize the bonds between the fiber and the filtration soil allowing the soil filtration lines to be easily cleaned. Filtration Soil Cleaner penetrates and lifts away the hard to remove filtration soil from carpet and filtration line for easy removal during extraction.

Filtration Soil Cleaner is easy to use.
In an inconspicuous area, check for colorfastness. Can be applied directly using the flip top applicator to the affected area and brushed in.

Leaves no residue.
Filtration Soil Cleaner rinses freely with water and leaves no residue behind thus avoiding rapid resoiling.

Easy to use directions.
Do not dilute. Apply Filtration Soil Cleaner to all affected areas. Agitate vigorously with an edge/detail brush with plastic bristles. A white rag or turkish towel can also be used in place of brush.
Rinse and clean areas thoroughly using an extractor method cleaning. Whenever possible, rinse with the hottest water available to accelerate the cleaning activity and effectiveness.
Vacuuming is recommended after the carpet is dry.
Repeat if necessary.

Flash Point: Combustible at 175°F in undiluted form.

pH: 6.0-8.0.

Conveniently Packaged.
Available in 12/1 pint case.