Green Liquid Steam Detergent



Product Specifications
Clear liquid.
@ use 7-8
2 ounces to 5 gallon.
Up to 11000 sq. ft. per gallon.
4/1gallon case, 5 gallon container and 55 gallon drum.
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Green Liquid Steam Detergent

This product is DFE certified by the EPA. EPA allows safer products to carry the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. This mark allows consumers to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and are safer for families. This can be checked at the EPA website

Green liquid cleaning detergent for truck mount or portable jet extraction machines. Contains Emulsolv® .Best for carpets! Best for machines!
Fabpro’s Green Liquid Steam Extraction Detergent HP is considered the finest, most cost-effective steam cleaning detergent available for any type of extraction machines. In addition, it offers the greatest protection for your machinery.Saves time! Saves money!
In addition to providing fast effective and efficient cleaning, Green Liquid Steam Detergent saves additional time by mixing instantly in hot or cold water-anywhere. Green Liquid Steam Extraction Detergent HP saves money by helping eliminate spills normally associated with powder mixing.

Won’t clog machines.
Green Liquid Steam Detergent is completely soluble in hot or cold water and stays in solution. No unmixed powder granules to cling to the sides of hoses and tanks, or clog nozzles.

Protects your cleaning machinery.
Protects your cleaning machinery two ways. No undissolved powder can collect in machine parts, and corrode them. Plus we add special corrosion inhibitors for that extra measure of protection.

Contains anti-foamers.
Fabpro has developed unique anti-foamers which effectively help prevent the buildup of foam in the wand head, wand, hose and recovery tank. Anti-foamers have been added to Green Liquid Steam Detergent for faster, more efficient cleaning.

Easy to use direction.
For truck mount concentrated stock solution: mix one quart of Green Liquid Steam Detergent with 5 gallons of water or as specified by the truck mount manufacturer.
For ready to use portable extraction machine solution: mix two ounces of Green Liquid Steam Detergent with 5 gallons of water.

Contains buffers.
Buffers are added so the the optimum cleaning pH 10.0-11.0 is retained in use dilutions.

Freezing point: 20°F.

pH: (ready to use) 7-8

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/1 gallon case, or economical 5 gallon container and 55 gallon drum.