Heavy Duty Liquid Inplant Detergent


Product Specifications
Clear yellow liquid.
@ use 10.0-10.5.
1-2 gallon per 100 gallons. water.
5 gallon container.
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Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty
Fabpro’s Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty is specially designed for inplant rug cleaning. It gets out embedded dirt in all man-made and natural fibers.Not recommended for jet extraction equipment. Formulated for loose rug cleaning equipment.

Dissolves completely.
It dissolves readily in hot or cold water to form a clear solution. Leaves tank clean with no sediment. No clogging of screens or valves. Allows your carburetion system to function better. Will reduce downtime in your operation.

Contains specially formulated anti-redispostion agents.
Unique formula suspends soil for most effective rinsing. Foaming qualities are such that it will produce enough foam to lubricate and suspend dirt, but will break readily at the rinsing cycle. Waste drains easily without a build up of foam.

Rinses out easily.
Contains no fillers, is completely biodegradable and contains no harmful optical brighteners. Complete rinsing ensures cleaner and whiter fringes and less chance of browning.

Fast, uniform penetration.
Drying takes place evenly on both sides of rug. This prevents excessive wicking and reduces “Browning” problems.

Easy to use directions.
The first consideration is whether the plant is operating with a carburetor or without a carburetor. We will treat these circumstances separately.

In-plant cleaning with a carburetor:
If the concentrated tank has a capacity of 120 gallons or more you will be able to dissolve 5 gallon of Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty into solution with proper agitation. The adjustment for proper strength is then made via the carburetor.

The proper method for dissolving Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty into the concentrated tank is to fill the tank about 1/3 with warm ( not cold warm or hot water exceeding 140° F) water before starting to add Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty . Start the agitator and slowly add Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty while the tank continues to fill with water. Allow the rug cleaning machine to run for a few minutes to allow the mixture to work through and stabilize. A pH reading should then be taken of the diluted detergent. The mixture should then be adjusted to satisfy the customer’s needs.

In-plant cleaning without a carburetor:
Use the same mixing procedure as prescribed for concentrate tanks except that the quantity of Liquid Inplant Detergent Heavy Duty will be greatly reduced.

As a rule of thumb use ½ (.5) gallon per 100 gallons for a moderate pH, around 9. Use one (1) gallon per 100 gallons for pH at 10.

Keep in mind that if a carpet cleaner is floor scrubbing with a rotary, he will frequently flush the carpet with water before scrubbing. This water in the rug will dilute the solution being put on the rug. The solution fed onto the rug must be stronger to compensate for this.

pH: maintains at 10.0-10.5 even at low dilutions.

Packaged in a 5 gallon container.