Oriental Carpet Shampoo


Product Specifications
Slight yellow liquid.
@ use 5.0-6.0.
8-10 ounces per gallon water.
Up to 2200 sq. ft. per gallon.
4/1 gallon case, 5 gallon container and 55 gallon drum.
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Oriental Carpet Shampoo
A biodegradable neutral pH shampoo for use on oriental rugs, wool rugs, and carpet as well as other specialty textiles.Used in plant or on location.
Fabpro’s Oriental Carpet Shampoo may be used in plant for floor washing or on location with controlled moisture cleaning. Can be used in rotary, rotary extraction or dry foam equipment. Any residues will dry crisp and completely for easy removal.

Free rinsing.
Specially formulated to leave a minimum of residue leaving a plush hand and maximum sheen.

General instructions.
Pretest for color fastness.
Thoroughly vacuum entire carpet before cleaning.
For rotary or rotary extraction cleaning: place cardboard or plastic under machine when filling tank over carpeted area. Use a hand brush to clean corners and other areas which the machine can not reach. Use foil or plastic protectors under all furniture that will touch wet carpet.

Easy to use directions
Rotary scrubbing: add 8 ounces of Oriental Carpet Shampoo to each gallon of water (1 part shampoo to 16 parts water). Clean carpet in 3 foot squares if using a rotary carpet cleaning machine.
Dry foam machines: follow the above directions except use 10 ounces of Oriental Carpet Shampoo in 1 gallon of water (1 part shampoo to 12 parts water). Scrub in straight lines overlapping each pass. When cleaning with a foam generating machine, clean in a straight line and overlap each pass.

Flash Point: Non-combustible

Buffered pH. The optimum efficient pH range of 6.6-6.8 gives maximum cleaning efficiency while safely handling sensitive dyes.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/1 gallon case, or economical 5 gallon container and 55 gallon drum.