Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner




Product Specifications
Citrus, acidic.
White to off white powder.
@ use 6.0-8.0.
4 ounces in 1 gallon water.
2200 sq. ft. per lb.
4/8 lb. case and 50 pound container.
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Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner
After intense laboratory research, the Fabpro developers found a unique formulation specifically designed that allows cleaning of Haitian and Tahitian cotton upholstery fabric using the quick and easy portable jet extraction upholstery cleaning techniques.Field tested to insure maximum cleaning.
Fabpro’s Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner was field tested by professional cleaners in order to insure product cleaning ability before it was brought to market. The result is professional cleaner approval of the cleaning results. Evaluate for yourself.Minimal or no browning after cleaning.
Excessive amounts of water used to traditionally clean Haitian and Tahitian cotton upholstery fabric have always caused excessive amounts of browning. The unique formulation of Fabpro’s Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner minimizes the chance of browning when used according to directions thus providing efficient one (1) step cleaning.Saves time, labor and money.
Fabpro’s Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner one step cleaning saves time, money and labor over traditional 2 or 3 step methods. Fabpro Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner helps decrease the inventory of cleaning agents required to provide proper care of Haitian and Tahitian cotton upholstery fabric.Minimal odor.
Fabpro’s Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner has been formulated to provide minimal odor during the cleaning process. The “fresh” scent makes the cleaning process more appealing for workers and customers.

Test fabric for color fastness or dye color change.

Easy to use directions.
To make a ready to use solution: mix 4 ounces of Powdered Haitian Cotton Cleaner in one gallon of warm water, or 20 ounces in 5 gallons of warm water.
Lightly pre-spray heavily soiled areas with a low water content if desired.
Cleaned soiled area using normal industry accepted upholstery cleaning techniques for portable jet extraction equipment, allowing the vacuum system to lift the fabric and circulate air thru it.

Note: The above procedures can be used for correcting Haitian or Tahitian cotton fabric which has previously browned.


pH: (ready-to-use) 6.0-8.0. Acid side detergent cleaner.

Conveniently packed.
Available in 4/8 lb. case or economical 50 pound container.