Powerdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner



Product Specifications
Light yellow powder.
@ use 9.5-10.5.
2-3 ounces in 2 gallons of water.
4 ounces / 7-foot sofa.
4/8 lb. case and 50 lb. container.
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Powerdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner
For use in portable or truck mounted jet extraction equipment designed or adapted for wet cleaning upholstery using a powder.Unique formulation designed to give quick and efficient cleaning.
Fabpro’s Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner was laboratory formulated and field tested to provide a 100% active solution. This formulation provides power to cut through upholstery soils quickly.Breaks down oily soils for easy removal.
Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner combines mild detergents, special solvents and fabric conditioners into a fast acting cleaning solution. Oily stains and soil emulsify for easy removal.

Gives upholstery and room a fresh, clean aroma.
After cleaning with Fabpro Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner, a clean and fresh scent is left on upholstery and in the room.

Safe for equipment’s metal components.
Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner is specifically formulated with corrosion inhibitors to prolong the life of you equipment’s metal parts. This measure of safety means lower maintenance and repair cost to you.

Dissolves quickly and completely in water.
Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner dissolves easily, quickly and completely in water. Biodegradable.

Contains anti-foamers.
Formulated with special anti-foamers which help prevent foam build-up, Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner power cleans without foam.

Easy to use directions.
1. Mix 2-3 ounces of Fabpro’s Powdered Extraction Upholstery Cleaner in 2 gallons of hot water or mix 2 lbs. of Powdered extraction Upholstery Cleaner in 5 gallons of water to make a concentrated stock solution.
2. Clean upholstery using normal industry accepted procedures for wet cleaning using portable powdered extraction equipment.

pH: 9.5-10.5 (1% solution)

Flash point: None

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/8 lb. case and economical 50 lb. container.