Smoke Dissolve



Product Specifications
Clear light brown liquid.
Not applicable.
Varies, see label.
Upto 1000 cubic feet per gallon.
4/1 gallon case and 5 gallon container.
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Smoke Dissolve
Fabpro’s Smoke Dissolve is specially formulated, for use in thermal foggers, to remove smoke odors remaining in the air.Contains no water.
Use undiluted in any thermal fogger or a misting device.Removes smoke odors from fabrics.
Can be safely used as an additive for dry cleaning upholstery, draperies, clothing and other fabric items. Smoke Dissolve will leave fabric smelling fresh and smoke-free. After neutralizing the offensive smoke and fire odors, Smoke Dissolve will leave a pleasant aroma for immediate customer satisfaction.

Compatible with dry cleaning solvents.
Smoke Dissolve is compatible with the common solvents used in this type of cleaning. The smoke-damaged fabrics or garments should be first cleaned as normal. Then, reclean, adding Smoke Dissolve to the cleaning solvents at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 ounce for each pound of load.

Especially formulated to remove smoke and fire damage odors.
Most offensive odors are caused by bacteria. These odors can be controlled by terminating the bacteria growth. This is not true in the case of odors caused by smoke and fire. These odors are difficult to eliminate and stubbornly linger. Smoke Dissolve has been especially formulated to effectively remove these hard to kill smoke and fire odors.

Flash point: 161° F.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/1 gallon case and economical 5 gallon container.