Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer



Product Specifications
Slight odor.
Off white liquid.
@ use 7.0-8.0 neutral
Varies see below.
Up to 1500 gallons of recovery.
12/1 quart case, 4/1 gallon case, and 5 gallon container.
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Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer
Stops foam buildup in the recovery tank of carpet and upholstery, portable or truck mounted jet extraction, foam, rotary extraction and wet vacuum pickup machines.Stop those foam buildup problems.
Fabpro’s Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer eliminates the nuisance of foam buildup in the recovery tank of ALL carpet and upholstery, portable and truckmount jet extraction, foam, rotary extraction or wet vacuum pickup equipment.Laboratory tests prove Fabpro’s Liquid Defoamer Super concentrated superiority.Fabpro’s Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer is superior in defoaming ability when compared to other liquid defoamers on the market.Economical to use.
1-2 ounces of Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer sprayed in the recovery tank of a rotary extraction or 4 gallon wet vacuum pickup machine is more efficient than 8-12 ounces of other liquid defoamers on the market.

Eas- to-use directions.
Shake product well. Vacuum 10-12 ounces of Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer through the vacuum hose into the recovery tank for each 25 gallons of tank capacity. Use more defoamer if desired for increased foaming ability.

An important consideration when using any liquid defoamer.
All liquid defoamers are designed to prevent foaming. If a bucket has been exposed to a defoamer, thoroughly clean the bucket before mixing carpet shampoos, upholstery shampoos or any cleaning agent requiring a “foaming action” in it. Super Concentrated Liquid Defoamer residues will inhibit the foaming action and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning agent.

NOTE: With foam extraction equipment, liquid defoamer is sprayed directly into the recovery tank. Repeat above procedure after each emptying of the recovery tank.

Flash Point: None.

pH: (ready to use) 7.0-8.0 neutral.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 12/1 quart and 4/1 gallon case, or economical 5 gallon container.