Antistatic Static Spray SR



Product Specifications
Water white.
@ use 6.0-7.0.
1 gallon with 2 gallon of water.
600 sq. ft. per gallon.
4/1 gallon case and 5 gallon container.
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Antistatic Spray SR
A specifically designed Antistatic Spray SR concentrate for stain resistant carpets. Effectively eliminates static electricity shock caused by electrical charge.Specifically designed for stain resistant nylon carpets.
The Fabpro research and development laboratories recognized a need for elimination and prevention of static electricity build up in today’s modern carpet. From this recognition, Fabpro’s Antistatic Spray SR was developed for professional use.

Can be effectively used on virtually all carpet fibers.
Fabpro’s Antistatic Spray SR can be used on cottons, wools, synthetics-all carpet fibers not affected by water.

Only one application is sufficient and long lasting.
One application, applied as directed, will normally be sufficient to prevent static electricity build up thus saving time and labor. This one application also saves additional money in that it is normally sufficient to last through the cool winter when static electricity is most likely to occur.

Formulated so stain resistant carpets do not lose stain resistant characteristics.
Antistatic Spray SR is formulated so that it dries completely and the remaining static eliminating particles will not affect the carpet’s stain resistant characteristics. The formulation contains no cationic materials. Biodegradable.

Will not cause resoiling.
While eliminating and preventing static electricity, Antistatic Spray SR does not attract soil. The unique formula allows static eliminating particles to dry completely.

Easy to Use directions:
Clean carpet thoroughly using industry accepted cleaning techniques. Stain resistant carpets should be cleaned using specifically designed cleaning agents (such as Fabpro’s Formula 95 SR).
Mix 1 gallon of Antistatic Spray SR in 2 gallons of water (2:1 dilution). Using a clean, corrosion-resistant sprayer, apply properly diluted Antistatic Spray SR evenly and uniformly to the carpet at the rate of 3 diluted gallons to 600 square feet. Brush area lightly with a hand pile brush. Allow carpet to dry before using.

Some Fabpro “Helpful Hints” for cleaning Stain Resistant carpets:
1. Use only cleaning solutions which are specifically designed and qualified for use on stain resistant carpets by major fiber producers.
2. Maintain cleaning solution temperature so it does not exceed 150°F at the carpet.
3. Do not put “additives” in the cleaning solution such as deodorants, bactericides, etc. as their addition may affect the stain resistant characteristics.
4. For best results, a clear water rinse is recommended after cleaning to insure minimal residue is left on the stain resistant carpet.


pH: (ready to use) 6.0-7.0.

Conveniently packaged.
Available in 4/1 gallon case or economical 5 gallon container.